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John, in this issue, May 01, 2012:

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Introducing SQLFire – In-Memory Distributed SQL Database
SQLFire minimizes disk access wait times and achieves dramatic scaling by pooling memory, CPU and network bandwidth across a cluster of machines. Download 60-day free trial!

@QCon New York - Trends and Issues in App Making

Join industry veteran Mike Lee (10,000-foot overview) as he looks at several emerging trends and developing issues in the app ecosystem. We'll talk about the recent issues around privacy, and use a holistic, cross-disciplinary approach to develop best practices for the future. We'll talk about the hottest vertical markets for the coming year, and the special challenges they will bring. We'll look at the state of mobile gaming, the best and worst monetization strategies, and the deep, underlying philosophy that drives the arbiters of future reality. Don't miss your chance to save $300 if you register by Jun 1st!

Latest from Java

Benchmarking JVM Concurrency Options for Java, Scala and Akka

Michael Slinn examines how to benchmark JVM concurrency options for JVM-based langauges including Java and Scala. (Article)


JUDCon 2012 Registration Now Open - June 25-26th, Boston
JUDCon, the JBoss Users and Developers Conference, will feature tracks on Cloud, Development, Big Data, and SOA. Meet, mingle, and collaborate with core the JBoss team, community experts, and fellow attendees. Register Now.

Latest from .Net

From C# to Objective-C with Somya Jain

A shift has been occurring in the business world. Many consulting companies that traditionally write line-of-business applications in .NET are now being asked to build applications for iOS. And while .NET and Java will still be viable for years to come, there are a lot of opportunities for teams that are willing to cross-train. Somya Jain explains what that entails for C# developers. (Article)


Latest from Dynamic Languages

Building Applications with jQuery UI

Scott González demoes creating web applications with jQuery UI, showing the widget factory, the unified API, how to create new widgets, the CSS framework, and themes. (Presentation)


CSS3 and Sass

Mark Volkmann introduces CSS3 and Sass, a tool extending CSS with variables, selector nesting, mixins and selector inheritance, the resulting code being converted to regular CSS before deploying. (Presentation)


Allen Wirfs-Brock on ECMAScript, Browsers and the Ambient Computing Era

Allen Wirfs-Brock talks about the ambient computng era and how the web and the browsers fit in this vision. He also shares his experiences from working on EcmaScript 5/6, and explains about the evolution of this spec. (Presentation)


Latest from Cloud

Free Pizza! A Glimpse Inside eCommerce at Domino’s Pizza

Bill Heitzeg shares the lessons learned and the process of recreating a new e-commerce platform and website for Domino’s Pizza. (Presentation)


Latest from Mobile

Uptime in High Volume Messaging Systems - Lessons Learned

Erik Onnen shares lessons learned while designing the architecture, implementing it, and releasing it into operations at Urban Airship, providing hosting for mobile services. (Presentation)


Mobile HTML5

Maximiliano Firtman discusses HTML5, the features it introduces, how it can be used for cross-platform mobile development, compatibility issues, creating apps for a store, taking a look at the future. (Presentation)


Latest from Architecture & Design

Architecting for Failure at the

Michael Brunton-Spall talks about various types of system failure that can happen, sharing the lessons learned at the Guardian and measures taken to prevent and mitigate failure. (Presentation)


The Frustrated Architect

Simon Brown discusses the role of the software architect, challenging some of the current assumptions and trying to redefine it in the context of Agile development. (Presentation)


Timelines @ Twitter

Arya Asemanfar presents Twitter’s timeline architecture, the entire sequence of steps a tweet goes through until it reaches the timeline of each user following the person who tweeted. (Presentation)

REST is simple. Applying Enterprise-class Security is not. Visit this REST resource page to download tech tutorials and white papers and learn how Intel can help you simplify the implementation of Enterprise security for both REST and WS-* services.

Latest from Agile

Retrospectives: A Bit of Ceremony Can Be Useful

Aino Corry’s message is that if we skip retrospectives there will be problems that we don’t understand where they come from nor what to do to solve them. (Presentation)


Decisions, Decisions

Dan North engages the audience into a discussion about the tradeoffs involved in making decisions regarding the team composition, development style, architecture, and deployment solutions. (Presentation)


Agile/UX Panel

Jeremy Sutherland, Darius Kumana, Eewei Chen, Darci Dutcher, and Richard Muscat (moderator) discuss the relationship between Agile and UX design. (Presentation)


The Developer-Tester Divide

The evolution of the software industry has created two separate roles: The developer and the tester. Traditional software development put these two at odds. Now, agile practices are bringing them together again in order to meet the original business goal: working software. (Article)

Mingle - 10 Years of Agile Experience Rolled into one Project Management Tool.
Start your hosted trial now.

Latest from Operations & Infrastructure

Automatic Performance Programming?

Markus Püschel proposes to solve scientific calculation performance problems with code generation tools, introducing Spiral, an automatic performance programming framework for linear transforms. (Presentation)


Book Review: Experiences of Test Automation

“Experiences of Test Automation” is a compilation of experiences in the field that is hard to read from end to end but serves well as a reference for experienced readers by providing examples of approaches, obstacles and solutions in a variety of domains and technologies as well as insightful overviews from the authors. (Article)

Why NoSQL? A Primer on the Rise of NoSQL
This whitepaper is an essential read to understand the context underlying today's NoSQL trend, and what to look for when selecting a NoSQL database for your project. Download your copy now...

Latest from Enterprise Architecture

AMQP 1.0 Core Features

Robert Godfrey discusses the requirements set at AMQP’s foundation: Applicability, Reliability, Fidelity, Interoperability, Manageability, Ubiquity, explaining how AMQP was designed for the future. (Presentation)


Modeling Failure Scenarios in Systems

The increase in number of integrated systems in today’s enterprise solutions necessitates dealing with dependency and environment failures in a systematic way. By modeling dependency failures at the architecture stage, system response to failures can be communicated, tested and implemented reducing the business risk and cost. (Article)


NOSQL for the Enterprise
Combining Inspections, Static Analysis, Testing to Achieve >95% Defect Removal Efficiency
Automate tests without compromising coverage of the environment
Tools to unit test your JavaScript
Visual Studio vNext: ALM features for Agile Planning, Team Collaboration

How ALM Drives Business/IT Alignment, Competitive Advantage

ALM and Business Processes

Banking Case Study: Scaling with Low Latency using NewSQL

Building HTML5 Apps in Hours, Not Day

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Deliver Quality Code Quicker with "Go" Agile Release Management

Performance Monitoring Tools

Monitor your Production Java App - includes JMX! Low Overhead - Free download

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